Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio

Take full advantage of Umbraco ASP.NET, and Visual Studio. For developers who want to work with Umbraco in Visual Studio to build advanced web applications.

Duration: 1 day

Type: Specialisation

Target Audience: Developers

Workbooks and plenty of exercises are provided but we leave plenty of time for discussion.

We love talking and teaching Umbraco so feel free to bring up topics and problems you may have run into.

The class will cover:

  • Solution Setup
    • Umbraco 7 in a Visual Studio project
    • Install and upgrade using Nuget
  • Models - using and extending Umbraco model data
    • Models builder
    • Providing custom ViewModels
  • Controllers - adding our own logic before a page is rendered
    • Custom Controllers
    • Route Hijacking
  • Forms, Surface Controllers (custom MVC forms in Umbraco)
    • Create custom forms in Visual Studio
    • Combine Surface Controllers and Macros
    • Set up form validation
  • The Umbraco API
    • Learn how to utilise Content, Media and Relations services
    • Publish content from a form
    • Create folders and Media items programmatically
  • Events - and the Umbraco event model
  • RESTful applications - creating easy to use API endpoints
    • Use the extended Umbraco ASP.NET WebAPI
    • Execute tasks asynchronously with jQuery
  • Debugging - tips and tools for debugging
    • Step through your code with breakpoints
    • Examine and execute requests with Tracing
    • Collect performance statistics with the Mini profiler

After this one day course, you'll learn that Umbraco is a developer's best friend and you’ll be an Umbraco heavyweight!

Who should take this course?

Developers who know their way around Visual Studio and understand the basic concepts of .NET, C# and Umbraco. 

Learn from the best

All certified Umbraco trainers know their way around the Umbraco source code, and have several years of Umbraco development and implementation experience. They know the real-life challenges you have with working with Umbraco, and love to share their knowledge.


  • We require that you have at least Visual Studio 2015 or 2013 (The free community edition is sufficient)
  • We expect the course attendee to have experience in working with Visual Studio, ASP.NET and coding in either C# or VB.NET, all exercises are provided in C#
  • Computers that are locked down by IT have a history of causing problems, so ensure that you have user rights to run a web project on your machine

Before attending this course you should have a basic understanding of the following topics (with some practical application):

  • Object Object-oriented programming
  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • ASP.NET and MVC
  • Umbraco Document types and templates
  • Creating content in the Umbraco UI

The course isn't suitable for students without a working knowledge of Object-oriented programming concepts (Constructors, Methods, Properties etc.)


Location Date Capacity Value
Gold Coast - Umbraco Down Under Festival Wed, 27 February 2019 10 seats $950.00 Book Now

About the trainer

Peter Gregory - Official Trainer

Peter Gregory
Umbraco Certified Master & Official Trainer

Peter has been developing websites and contributing to the Umbraco project since Umbraco version 2. He is well versed in all things Umbraco and is a trusted consultant throughout the world. Peter has been facilitating the Umbraco Certification courses on behalf of Umbraco in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Africa since 2009 certifying hundreds of developers.