Digital Project Manager

Job Description

As a Digital Project Manager at KOBEN you will work as part of a collaborative client team that takes ownership of the client relationship and delivery of all projects for that client. 

You will work closely with the technical team to foster the client relationship, manage the future roadmap, stock the individual project backlog, plan resources, test and deliver regular feature releases and ultimately ensure maximum client satisfaction and visibility at all times across every project for that client.

At KOBEN we work as a team, and like any team we win and lose together. Your role in this team is the glue, helping ensure we are all running in the same direction with the same goal.

To ensure maximum project glory, as a Digital Project Manager, your main role will be to:-

  • Work closely with the Tech Lead and the rest of the team to define the project backlog and acceptance criteria for each task and feature

  • liaise with the client on behalf of the team

  • communicate any project challenges and concerns as quickly as possible with the client

  • ensure accurate estimates are defined with the team for each feature and sub-feature

  • regular weekly reporting of project status

  • daily resource usage and financial status tracking

  • run weekly project retrospectives

  • run daily project standups

  • facilitate conversations between the team and the Client when and as often as necessary

  • decipher client requirements along with the Tech Lead

  • manage client expectations and explain impact of additional complexity on the project budget

  • help reduce complexity where possible

  • run weekly project update meeting with the client

  • ensure the project backlog is constantly reviewed and individual features and tasks are re-estimated where necessary and any changes communicated as quickly as possible with the client

  • monitor and manage budgets throughout project lifecycles (daily / weekly - as appropriate)

You will have a proactive approach and be experienced in managing projects of varying sizes and budgets. Having a solid understanding of Agile methodologies is essential including SCRUM, Kanban as well as a good understanding of CMS’s in particular Umbraco.

Required skills

  • Minimum experience in digital agencies of 2 years. This includes experience running digital projects and platforms with cross-functional teams (design, UX, development, QA)

  • Minimum of 2 years experience developing estimates for digital projects

  • At least 2 years of experience working with responsive design, interactive communications, brand development and the creative process

  • Experience managing rapid creative and technical sprints to deliver working prototypes based on client briefs

  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral

  • Thorough understanding of project briefs - ability to question and research where necessary

  • Ability to discuss technical solutions with team members and clients

Desired Skills but not essential

  • Working knowledge of HTML5, CSS

  • Knowledge of project management software such as Trello & Jira

  • Experience using UX tools such as Balsamiq

  • Experience working with remote teams


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